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November 18th 2016
"My phone was stolen recently, I had not backed up everything from my old one. I had just by accident found and downloaded this app, not really paying attention. When I got my new phone and logged in, I was nearly in tears. I lost nothing. Most of these pics were of my children and grandson, all priceless to me. I took off one star because I did lose the videos and was unaware that was an uprgrade option. All I will say is THANK YOU for what was saved!" - Ever User (Android)
January 24th 2017
"I was very impressed how quickly my response was taken care of. And how thoughtful he was. VERY satisfied-nice to know someone still cares about customers." - Diane, Michigan (Customer Support)
January 26th 2017
"It's so great!! I really feel so thankful for the help which solved my problem efficiently. Hope Ever becomes greater with the brilliant team." - Chiao, Germany (Customer Support)
January 29th 2017
"I work for Apple Care and there have been countless times when I was asked how do I keep all my pictures and still have space on my phone or iPad.... Every time I say Ever.. I explain how and why.. And I tell them that if you delete the picture off your phone it will still be in the album and viewable.. I love it." - Recommended Daily (iOS)
February 3rd 2017
"I love the books I have received, they are wonderful. Thank you so much for the help, it was very much appreciated. Love the app & love the service. It's not often this happens in this day & age. Again, thank you very much!" - Cathy, Arkansas (Photo Books)
February 14th 2017
"Brendan answered my questions right away, in a kind, concerning, efficient, timely manner. As always and anytime I ever contact Ever lol. I was in the customer service business my whole life and you go above and beyond like I did and I thought this generation had lost that, but you gave me hope." - Angela, Pennsylvania (Customer Support)
February 28th 2017
"I'm very impressed with the quality of the service I got from Brendan. His response was quick and he also followed up with me through email. Thank you so much Brendan. Count me as a loyal user of this app." - Agrimario, New York (Customer Support)
February 28th 2017
"We absolutely LOVE the photo album!!! Such a good job by your staff. Admittedly, I was a bit skeptical about how the album would come out. I had such a negative experience with a digital processing company, Legacy Box, in their conversion of home videos that my expectations were very low. But your team has given me a renewed faith in others. Thanks for a job well done." - Martin, Texas (Photo Books)
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