How do I safely delete photos from my Camera Roll or Gallery?

Ever automatically backs up your photos, but this can take some time. While you're waiting, Ever's Free Space Tool helps you safely free up space in your camera roll without losing the photos that aren't backed up yet! The Ever Free Space Tool only deletes photos from your phone that are secure in Ever and that will remain there even after the original photos are deleted from your device.

Mobile Users

  1. Click the button in the top left-hand corner of the screen (it looks like three stars)
  2. Click "Free Up Space Now"

While we highly recommend using the Free Space Tool to free up space on your phone, you should feel free to clear up space manually, too! Just be sure that your backup is complete before deleting any photos from your gallery by hand.

You can check your backup status by viewing your photos and videos in the "Photos" and "Videos" tabs respectively. If your photos or videos have small cloud icons in their upper right-hand corner, these are not yet securely backed up to Ever and should not be deleted from your gallery.

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