What is Face Recognition?

Ever uses face recognition technology to organize your memories (ie., your photos and videos) for you and to create albums of your friends for you automatically.

When face recognition is enabled, the technology analyzes the photos and videos that you upload to create a string of numbers that we call a “face embedding.” Face embeddings are based on certain attributes associated with an individual’s face. Our face embeddings are unique to Ever’s proprietary face recognition technology.

When you upload new photos or videos, the face recognition technology determines whether a face embedding matches an earlier embedding in your account. If there is a match, we will organize those photos and videos together for you. Because they are all grouped together, we are able to create organized, curated albums for you automatically.

Through the “Friends” feature in the Ever app, you can label or “tag” yourself and your friends. This feature, in combination with the face recognition technology, allows Ever to:

  • organize your memories by name, or by whatever label you apply;
  • help you search your albums and memories by person; and
  • enable you to control who you want to see more of when you look through your memories.

Like the photos and videos you store on Ever, all of your labels and tags are private. Only you can see them. Tagging someone will not notify that person that you have tagged them. In other words, your tags are not shared with anyone else.

Likewise, if you share a memory with someone, that person will not see any of the labels or tags that you’ve selected for that memory. Nor will they see any of the other memories with those same tags, unless you also choose to share all of those other memories with that person.

Photos and videos that are uploaded to our services may be used to help improve and train our products and technologies, including, if enabled, our face recognition technology. These technologies may be used in our separate products and services for enterprise customers, including our enterprise face recognition offerings, but your photos and videos will not be. To be clear: Your photos and videos, and any personal information contained in them, are not shared with or provided to third parties.

When face recognition is turned on, you are letting us know that it’s ok for us to use the face embeddings of the people in your photos and videos, including you, and that you have the approval of everyone featured in your photos and videos.


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